Farewell Ken Chenault


Today marks the end of an era at American Express as our CEO Ken Chenault passes the torch to Steve Squeri on his final day at the company.  

I have been working at AMEX since June of 2015 and it by far has one of the best work cultures and work/life balance. I think this goes to show what great leadership Ken has, can’t wait to see what changes Steve will make.

I had the pleasure of speaking with him today, his last day at the company. Ken was very down to earth and really eager to meet everyone and even take some photos - it was actually rather humbling. 

One thing that really resonated with me, is Ken’s ambition and drive. In a conversation yesterday, he discussed his future plans not only in the digital world, but to give back the community.  Can I please be as swagger as Ken? (He said that word quite a lot yesterday).  However, he did say as much as he loves AMEX he had missed out on opportunities to spend time with friends and loved ones. My advice to you, which I am sure Ken will agree with is seize every opportunity and spend time with those that you love. 

My biggest takeaway on a personal level, Short people and events who are a waste of time (Silly finance reference made my Ken yesterday)  

Ken has truely made an impact at the company, in the black community and the globe. 

Wishing Ken the best of luck in the next chapter of his life, you are going to do great things!