Motivation Monday w/ the Eagles


Congratulations to the Super Blow LII Champions the Philadelphia Eagles!!!

If this journey does not scream MOTIVATION MONDAY, I do not know what does!  The Eagles have come a long way as underdogs to Super Bowl Champs and it has been a long time coming (at least that is what my co-worker tells me).


In honor of the Eagles winning the Super Bowl last night, here is a shot from my photoshoot in Philly with Bill of Echelaeus Inc! 

I was actually in Philly for a charity fundraiser for New Leash on Life USA.  New Leash on Life, also a great Motivation Monday related non-profit, works to both save the lives of dogs at shelters by placing them with inmates, which in turn gives the inmates a chance at redemption, helping both the dogs and the inmates.  It was a very moving cause.

But enough about football, what motivates YOU?

My goals & motivations this month are to:

  1. Go to the gym more
  2. Get more sleep
  3. Just focus on being a better me

Share your motivations in the comments!