Miss US Galaxy Interview with the Tulle Project

Every girl, woman and person has the ability to do whatever they set their mind to - breaking stereotypes, changing boundaries and setting the standards.  I believe that girls and women do not have to categorize themselves in behaving one way or another, in fact we can change these perceptions set upon us by society.

Check out my interview with Silvana Favaretto, Founder of the Tulle Project.   In our conversation, we discussed the importance of embracing who you are and breaking stereotypes - everything from what it is like being a woman in a male dominated industry (finance), making a difference by living by example and showing that you can have brains AND beauty!

The Tulle Project is a place for women to look and feel beautiful, feminine, and graceful—and also encouraged, connected, and empowered.  Their mission is to help people make meaningful connections, share their stories and equip themselves to be their best.  For every skirt that is purchased, one will be donated to a child in need!

My take away from what I have learned over the years is:

Don't be afraid to show who you are and take a risk, who knows where it will take you!